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 "Hi! I saw that Trond Bruun to such a high degree didn't like the ballade "Unloved" with Espen Lind. I just have to do my part to park the claim that "this song does not reach it's target in any way". Music is about personal experiences, and for me this is something of the most beautiful that has been made, regardless of whom or what you compare it to. That it is in addition good workmanship, is beyond doubt. I am by the way agreeing to a large extent with the review of Espen A. Hansen on VG net, even if I myself would have given the song a dice-throw six instead of five. It would surprise me very much if "Unloved" does not ravage Norwegian hit lists. Go Lind!!
Jørgen Gudbrandsen


Espen Lind: "Unloved"

Ballade with country-plague potentional.

Espen Lind is back as artist for the first time in four years with the single "Unloved". It is in truth a ballade with monster-potentional. Don't be amazed if it becomes a real radio-country plague.

"Unloved" is beautiful, melancholic and melodic. A naked and prawling popballad with a great refrain that slides in the backdoor without you noticing it before it's too late. Here there is no pretence or attempt to be "hip". The song is simple, airy and delicious with piano, strings and Lind that sings with passion and feeling.

"Unloved" is first-class workmanship from a man that has lately spread his songwriting talent thin and wide, but here he is finally with a song that a lot of people are going to love."


"The time as Pop-idol is over

Espen Lind (34) has no problems realising that  he no longer is a  pop-idol. But does the audience agree, when he after Christmas is back with his first record in over four years?

In the middle of my thirties I don't necessarily need to stand on the barricades and shout the highest, says Espen Lind and laughs. I don't have any problems with that!

After Christmas he releases his first record in over four years. The single "Unloved" is already out. Nine years after Espen Lind - with the  artist name Sway - swooped into the field with a confidence the size of "Dovrefjell" ( Norwegian mountainrange), it is a much more relaxed artist
that meets VG, even if he still is an idol enough to let a couple of stylists
make a final touch before the photo-ops.

That time I managed to make myself more interesting than I really was. In retrospect it might have seemed too much, says Espen Lind. Was unruly "It's pathetic to be modest", "It's real porn to talk about myself", "I have decided to become a world star", "It's out of the question for me to
fail". This is just a few examples of what Sway/Espen Lind managed to say last millennium.

I am being confronted by it all the time, he laughs. I was completely unruly at that time. It's like looking at your own christian graduation-pictures and think, "Oh my God, was there nobody there to stop me?" But I was in general occupied with getting known. I used a lot of time
to pick up the trick's from those I looked up to. I really did nothing else
than foreign artists had done for years, and at the end of the nineties
I was close to my own success, he says. The reason for the taste of world fame was the song
"when susannah cries".
That song and the album "Red" (1997) made Espen a multi-millionaire.

He travelled around the world for 300 days and did 1200 interviews. But when
the big international launch together with Sissel Kyrkjebø flipped four years
ago, it became silent - very silent. I Want to make all girls band
 At that time I was wondering hard on what I wanted to do with my
life. I wanted other things - things that I didn't have time for when I was
travelling around the world to promote myself, he says.

That's why Lind changed his Ferrari into a more down-to-earth Harley.
The millions he invested in a studio with his pal Amund Bjørklund.

The last three years they have built up a strong reputation as songwriters and
producers both in Norway and England.

Next year Espen Lind's dream fulfils to create a rock'n roll-band only
girls; "Mejane" is coming out with it's debute-record. And his own
record, then...

"The last three years have been the best in my life, says Espen Lind,
that for
those years have worked as a songwriter and producer. After Christmas
he is
back with his own record, that he calls a pure extra-energy project."

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